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 Alleven Telecom has bulk of live volume of the destinations as below!!!!

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PostSubject: Alleven Telecom has bulk of live volume of the destinations as below!!!!   Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:30 pm

Dear Valued Provider,

Alleven Telecom Corp. is a leading and fastest developing provider of innovative voice and IP solutions empowering communications companies to create the most efficient and valuable global interconnections. Since its inception, Alleven Telecom Corp. has made significant contributions to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) wholesale and retail markets. Alleven Telecom Corp. offers the greatest flexibility in global scale, platform intelligence, and wholesale voice services to Carriers, Service Providers and business customers and managed solutions to achieve commercial efficiency and interconnection simplicity all over the world.

URGENTLY required ROUTES for our following initial DAILY BULK LIVE TRAFFIC:


Bangladesh>> 705k, Afghanistan>>> 252k,, Myanmar>> 60k

Nepal >>>109k, Pakistan>>300k, Sri lanka>>>47k,Indonesia>>>95k

Laos >>27k, Malaysia>>>83k, Philippine>>>61k

Singapore>> 10k,Thailand>>>43k, Kyrgyzstan>>>40k

Vietnam>>>204k, Cambodia>>>18k, Kazakhstan>>>45k

Uzbekistan>>>88k,Japan>>17k, Taiwan>>66k

Bahrain>>30k,Iran>>380k,Iraq>>430k, Qatar>>130k,Saudi>>200k

Jordan>>56k,Kuwait>>76k,Lebanon>>36k, Oman>>80k,

Syria>>>39k, Yemen>>205k, Uae>>100k


Albania>>>40k, Belarus>>20k,Bosnia>>13k, Bulgaria>>11k

Hungary >>8k, Macedonia>>23k,Poland>>15k, Croatia>>10k



Middle & East Europe:

Andorra>>10k, Armenia>>15k, Austria >>17k, Belgium >>>13k,

Cyprus >>>10k, Denmark>>>15k, Dominica Republic >>>12k,

Estonia>>>9k, Finland>>10k, French >>14k, Georgia>>20k

Germany >>10k, Iceland>>>8k, Ireland>>>10k, Italy>>>15k,

Latvia>>7k, Lithuania >>>12k, Luxemburg >>>15k, Moldova>>24k,

Malta>>14k, Monaco>>32k, Norway>>10k, Nethreland>>>9k,

Portugal >>16k, Russia>>>25k, Suriname>>>18k, Spain>>8k,

Sweden>>10k, Swaziland >>>13k, Ukraine>>>20k, United Kingdom >>>38k


Algeria>>>65k, Angola>>40k, Benin>>>34k, Botswana>>10k

Burundi >>>20k, Burkina Faso>>>25k, Cape Verde >>>11k

Comoros>>>8k, Congo>>>90k, Djibouti>>>15k, Cameroon>>>103k

Ivory Coast>>40k,Egypt>>200k,Ethiopia>>>106k, Sierra Leone >>>73k

Eretria >>>14k,Gabon>>>16k,Gambia>>>30k, Ghana>>130k

Guinea>>>15k,Guinea Bissau >>>18k,Liberia >>>52k, Kenya>>>170k

Lesotho>>>7k,Libya>>>220k,Monaco>>30k,Madagascar>> > 17k

Mali>>40k,Mauritius>>33k,Mauritania>>>38k, Morocco>>>150k

Mozambique>>>150k,Namibia>>>10k,Niger>>>120k, Rwanda>>12k

Seychelles>>15k,Somalia>>>90k,Togo>>20k,Sudan>>160 k , Nigeria>>115k

Tanzania>>125k,Zambia>>40k,Zimbabwe>>125k, Senegal>>130k

Our required ASR 30-35% & ACD2-3+mins minimum quality and must be FAS FREE routes. Pls contact with us and reply back with Rate Billing terms and other requirements.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Samuel Zeke
Business Development Manager
Alleven Telecom Corp.
6882 144 Street Surrey BC V3W 5R9, Canada
Office: +1 778-800-0646 Ext: 114
Skype: samuelzeke.alleven
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Alleven Telecom has bulk of live volume of the destinations as below!!!!
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