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 NEED-Cote d'Ivoire NCLI,Djibouti NCLI,Egypt NCLI,Equatorial Guinea NCLI

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PostSubject: NEED-Cote d'Ivoire NCLI,Djibouti NCLI,Egypt NCLI,Equatorial Guinea NCLI   Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:26 pm

Dear Direct Routes Provider,

This is Nzina from Revoxo telecom Add me on Skype: naginaneupane123 & send me your offer by mail : nzina@revoxotelecom.com

Revoxo Telecom boasts over 500 interconnects around the world, and offers three service plans to provide your business with the perfect price and quality combination to meet your needs. Our entire network is built up using carrier grade equipment, switching and hardware from vendors such as Cisco and Dialogic, through to cutting edge open-source software to handle switching and application logic. All of our equipment adheres to strict SIP standards…..
We have direct retail traffic for below destinations :

   Burkina Faso
   Cabo Verde
   Central African Republic
   Democratic Republic of the Congo
   Republic of the Congo
   Cote d'Ivoire
   Equatorial Guinea
   South Africa
   South Sudan
   Sao Tome and Principe
   Sierra Leone

   Offer your best rate with stats and capacity.
   Account Manager
   Revoxo Telecom Incs,
   240 MacPherson Rd,
   Singapore 348574
   Email : nzina@revoxotelecom.com
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NEED-Cote d'Ivoire NCLI,Djibouti NCLI,Egypt NCLI,Equatorial Guinea NCLI
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